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In the past year, a big challenge for businesses was the amount of events and gatherings that were cancelled due to COVID-19. To circumvent these cancellations, live event coverage flourished through live streaming. It offers an alternative way to connect with your audience, through a socially distant means of gathering.  Let 4K Media help with your next live event strategy to help expand your reach, potentially to a worldwide audience. 

Non-profit and fundraising events

Many non-profit organizations have felt the pinch due to the inability to gather large amounts of supporters together.  Live streaming offers an alternative way for organizations to keep in touch with their supporters and local community partners,  helping them continue to benefit the clientele they serve. 


Live sporting events

Nowadays, it can be difficult for people to support their teams, clubs and families in-person due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Take your competitions to the live streaming platform, and let players families and friends continue to see and support their loved ones!

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