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Videos bring a face and name to your product or service, while also humanizing your brand and giving your audience a more personal message into the people behind your business. They promote more customer engagements, additional awareness of your brand, and builds trust with your potential clients  Studies have shown that 85% of people aged 18-34 have made a purchase after watching a marketing video, so why not get involved with that client base?

Get Hooked Bait & Tackle

Captain Tim with Get Hooked Bait & Tackle has a local bass fishing guide service.  He wanted to explore ways to make video content that would drive more clients towards his online presence.  After consulting with 4K Media, we decided the best approach was to show his target client base what a day on the water is like with Captain Tim and his crew.

We went along for a ride during one of his bass charter trips showing the beautiful scenery, state-of-the-art fishing gear and his clients having a great day catching some of the biggest bass in Central Florida! 

Tao Financial

Jeff George worked for years as a financial advisor with various companies, helping people and small businesses plan their financial futures.  Once leaving the corporate world, Jeff ventured out onto his own and started Tao Financial, with the goal of helping local and small business owners plan those same financial futures, but in a different manner than the larger more well-known firms. 

One of his biggest challenges was getting his brand out in front of his consumers, in order to show potential clients how his firm was different than those other big named firms. 

4K Media helped Jeff tell his story about why he started, his philosophy behind Tao Financial and how his services can benefit the local community in ways other well-known firms don't. 

Jeffrey George
Brad and 4K Media are magicians when it comes to producing well-produced, thoughtful content for business owners looking to expand their reach in their community and promote broader awareness of their products or services. The work he put together was incredibly impressive and well thought-out - I would highly encourage anybody looking to add video to their marketing or community outreach strategy to give Brad a call and learn how he can help them!
5 / 5 stars

Our Founder

Brad Munson

 Brad has spent the last 20+ years working in various facets of the video production industry, including broadcast news, corporate conferences and trade shows, as well as local and national live sporting events.  He is a father of 3 boys who keeps him on his toes and made him realize that the local community in which he lives is where he wants to raise his family.  Upon digging deeper into the community, he has uncovered a specific issue that hinders many of those local businesses that is the heartbeat of any community: There are not many budget friendly video promotion options for a majority of those same businesses!

The mission of 4K Media is to support the small businesses and entrepreneurs within your local community, because frankly, we are one also!  We find that many of these types of clients tend to get "priced out" of the video promotion market by the big production houses, and sometimes end up being unable to utilize the video production process to spread awareness about their business and service.  Let 4K Media with their "no pressure approach" guide you and your business in the right direction, with video promotion that targets your audience in an effective manner, while being flexible enough to work with any size budget.  We want to help you be successful while continuing to thrive in your local community. 

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